The Network

If you’ve ever lost out on business because of a lack of equipment, money, or knowledge, then the JouleHub network is for you!

The JouleHub network is here to help you find the materials you lack to get a job done. Whether you need people with experience and knowledge or heavy duty machinery, you can search through our network to find the right partner for your project. The JouleHub network also serves to keep record of relevant research, planning, and documentation.

Here's what we do . . .

Here's how it works

1.Receive a work request from a client

2. Search for the right partner in our network

3. Contact the right partner for you

4. Discuss terms and fees

5. Work together and don’t miss out on any more work requests!


The JouleHub network helps you in a variety of ways including saving you time, money, and keeps you from losing clients. It gives you instant access to a wealth of tools that help you get a project done. The JouleHub network is a vital tool for any organization.Contact us today to see how you can get access to our network!